Friday, 30 October 2009

Ups and downs.......!

Yesterday I used the sedatives on Lancelot and was able to turn him out for a couple of hours in a very small area next to the sand school. I turned Jed out in a bigger one next to him and they settled down fine. L-lot had one big buck/fart session and then he just grazed. I went out at about 2.30pm and he was mega hot and really dripping with sweat so I brought him in for the rest of the afternoon.

He was quite dopey for the rest of the day but seemed none the worse for it.

This morning I got up and fed them and then about 10.30am got him ready to take out in hand. I used a roller and side reins on very loose and a bridle with a lunge rein. We walked up the lane and then down towards Monat. About halfway along I turned round and came back. He was obviously more keen to come back and was a bit pushy. He was also wanting to walk far too close to me. I was worried that if he spooked he would knock me straight over. All in all I was really pleased that he was so good.

When we got back I decided to turn him out in the bigger paddock and put Jed out in the smaller one. Unfortunately Jed wasn't very happy about this and wouldn't settle at all.

In the end I made a silly decision to turn them both out in the separate paddocks in the big fields. As soon as I turned L-lot out he went absolutely ballistic. He just galloped, bucked, farted, jumped, twisted, leapt, and did about anything he could to bugger his leg up again.

I was mortified but couldn't get anywhere near him to bring him back in. In the end I just left him there to get on with it.
I went out an hour later and checked his legs and they seemed fine with no heat or swelling.

I got the in about 4pm and he seemed fine.

I have just been out to give them their last haynets and he seems quite hot and a little bit sweaty and the leg does feel a bit thick but not badly so.

I have made a decision to leave him for tonight and see how it is in the morning. I will hose it then and bandage it.

Please god don't let me have caused him to do more damage to it. This is turning into a bit of a nightmare... in fact a lot of a nightmare.

Sometimes I think I should have stuck with Fizz. At least I never had to worry about her apart from the sweet itch. Having a horse like L-lot is not easy.

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