Monday, 26 October 2009

Clipper practice

Today after I mucked out I wanted to spend some more time with Lancelot and do some bonding stuff with him. I decided to further his education by trying to get him used to the clippers. I started off with the dogs clippers which are smaller and quieter and to be honest he didn't bat an eyelid at them. In no time I trimmed all the wispy hairs from under his chin and was able to put it up by his ears and around his face. He was a bit apprehensive but quite still and calm.

I then got the big clippers and it was a bit of a different story. After a few minutes of holding them outside the stable and then inside and then touching him with one hand with the clippers in the other, he was fine. Within a few minutes I was able to hold the clippers against his skin and up his neck although I couldn't quite get to his ears. I have noticed that when he is stressed he nods his head up and down. He did this for a while but gradually got over it.

The strange thing is that when I went round to his off side he was really different and was not at all impressed with the clippers and I couldn't really get them near him.

I plan to try to do this at least once a day until he is really relaxed about them wherever they touch him.

He is such a gentle soul and is very kind and calm.

I have this real fear still about saying nice things about him or getting too fond of him in case it all goes wrong again. I am fond of him, very fond... but I am also wary about it too. I think that I might feel better once I am riding him and know him better. At least I know that he is a real pleasure to be around in the stable. I am never afraid of him even when he turns his bum towards me I am not afraid he is going to kick me like I am with Jed.

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