Monday, 5 October 2009

Bad to worse

Last night Lancelot fell outside his stable. His foot slipped on the concrete and he went down on his knees really hard. He just stayed there for about 20 seconds looking at me and it seemed that he couldn't get the strength to get back up. Eventually he got to his feet and seemed a bit shocked. I put him back in his stable and he later ate his tea ok.

This morning I hosed his leg and I could see that the tendon was bowed about 2" down from the back of his knee. We went to Bourg Des Maisons to see Patrice as he is having the vet out. We are just waiting to see when he can come. Anyway when we got home I realised that I had forgotten to put the bandage back on and his leg was a right mess. The swelling was much worse at the back of the tendon and also there is a lump now on the side of his cannon bone.

I am so pissed off and feel quite frantic about it all. His legs were absolutely spotless and beautiful and now they are a mess. I am such a fool. I should never have free schooled him or jumped him.

I feel like crying.

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  1. You can't change what's already happened - just focus now on what it'll take to get him well - and it sounds from the description that if he gets good vet care and attention that he should come round, although it may take some time. I got my mare Maisie in 2002 and almost the day I got her she strained a rear suspensory - but it did get well eventually and there are no lasting effects. Good luck, and don't beat yourself up - that won't help your horse.