Sunday, 25 October 2009

Three weeks box rest later!

Well that was a bit of a disaster wasn't it? After the free schooling session last time, Lancelot obviously twisted something or pulled something because a couple of days later I noticed that his tendon on the near fore was thick. It wasn't hot, just thick. I bandaged it and hosed it for a couple of days but it seemed to get worse and then I could see that the tendon was bowed out about 2" down from the back of the knee. I was worried because I was off to the UK for a week and didn't want to leave not knowing what was wrong.

In the end I called Boudry out and he was very good. Although L-lot wasn't nodding lame he was a bit sore and so he gave me some cortisone gel to put on it twice a day.

Considering that he has been in the box for 3 weeks without coming out he is so calm and chilled out. He really is a bit of a superstar. I did take him out once to graze on the lawn but he got a bit silly and I had to put him back. I am glad this happened though because it has made me realise that I am going to have to be careful about turning him out. I have decided to get some sedatives from the vet for the first couple of times I put him out in the field. I will also make a very small paddock initially so that he can't hooley round. It is a worry now that he has had this injury. I am almost frightened to bring him back into work.

Today I have started a program of desensitisation with him. I bandaged him first and then led him out to go up and down the drive and then out onto the road. We only went to the entrance to Rose's field and back but I wanted to just let him have a look round and to behave nicely.

He was very good and I do feel quite positive about bringing him out more and further without him doing anything silly. I am not frightened of him being a loony because he is not in any way frightening at all but I am frightened of him re-injuring himself.

We shall see how it goes and I will update here about it. I am really hoping to be riding him soon though and then we can really start to get to know each other.

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