Sunday, 15 November 2009

Difficult week with good and bad news

It has been a terrible week for us as on Wednesday 11th we had to have Jed put to sleep after a massive colic. We are both walking around as if in a dream still and just can't seem to take in what has happened.

On the 12th we had to take Lancelot to the vets at Menesplet because of this recurring swelling of his near fore. It was a long day and when the vet looked at him he immediately saw that Lancelot was lame on his off fore and not the near fore which came as a bit of a surprise. He did nerve blocks and x-rays of the foot and found nothing untoward and so thinks it is just soft tissue damage ie bruising. He then did ultra sound of both tendons and found them perfect which was a great relief.
I was so afraid when we got there as I was sure he was going to find navicular or terrible tendon damage but thank god it was all good.

The plan is now that we have him shod on the front and then start work with just walking initially and then after 2 weeks we can start some trot work.

I walked him out in hand yesterday and he was perfectly behaved and today took him out to graze in hand.

The sad thing is that now I am back to being able to ride and I have to ride out alone.

They say that time heals and I know that it does but at the moment the pain is so acute. None of us knows what is around the corner and we should make the most of every day like it is our last or maybe that special person in our life whether horse or human.

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