Saturday, 21 November 2009


After giving Lancelot a bath yesterday I decided to clip him today. These things always take much longer than you imagined they were going to and also are never as straightforward either.

I took a before pic and he does look decidedly unimpressed but we had been practicing getting the clippers on him and I think he was sulking.

My plan was to do a bib clip and see how he got on with that so I marked it with some white chalks I bought yesterday and off I went. The neck got higher and higher and then I went way past the girth line and so ended up doing an Irish clip. It isn't brilliant but it will do for now. I may do it a bit more and make it into a trace clip if he starts doing a bit more work.

He was very well behaved considering it was his first time. He wasn't very keen on having his underarms done or around his tummy or near his sheath. He got a bit kicky at one point but I just shouted at him.

I turned him out after and he had a roll and then a buck and fart and I managed to get a picture of him.

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